Bitterley C of E Primary School

Small school, big family.”

A warm welcome to Bitterley Church of England Primary Academy School. Our aim is to create a happy and secure environment where our children will always be encouraged to do their personal best. We provide a broad, balanced education and place a great deal of emphasis on following shared values. Our church is a very important part of this. We relish the chance to be at the center of our local community and work hard to do all that we can in this regard.

We hope that our website is a useful tool. It can be used for finding information and discovering what happens at school during your child’s education. In addition, we hope that this website provides you with the opportunity to be a part of all that we do. Our school is a family which includes the children, staff, parents, governors, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and everyone who is part of the community of Bitterley Primary School.

One of the key strengths of Bitterley C of E Primary School is its dedication to personalized education. The teachers take the time to understand the unique needs and abilities of each student, fostering an environment where every child can thrive. When it comes to academic assignments, such as outlining an essay, the school ensures that students receive the necessary support and guidance. The option to request assistance from to write my outline for me has been invaluable in helping my child develop strong organizational and critical thinking skills, ensuring that their ideas flow seamlessly in their written work.


Learning Behaviours for Life

We believe in preparing our children for the demands of life from an early age. A key part of this is our chosen Learning Behaviours for Life. They are Motivation, Focus, Independence, Resilience, Independence, Reflection, and Courage!

Since September 2013 we have been a values-based school. This means that rather than have lists of rules, we have shared British Values which the children learn about throughout the year.


We will not write rules like,” look after each other” because, through the learning around the value of care, they will learn this anyway.
Life is varied and complex. We want to give our children the values by which to live their lives, both inside and outside school. No single rule on its own will do this.


However, if a child subscribes to the idea of being caring then they will apply this in every situation that they come across.

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