Our Approach to School Improvement

The BAET’s pastoral engagement will maximize pupils’ potential to become successful members of society. We enhance their self-esteem including help with capstone project or with other types of papers, and involvement in intellectual courses so that they confidently move to a new stage of their lives.

The Trust will work within a clear values framework with all their Academies to:

  • Foster in pupils an enthusiasm for learning and discovery;
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds, that learn how to think logically and to discuss and argue rationally;
  • Encourage in all pupils the acquisition of good study skills and habits;
  • Create a learning environment that encourages all pupils to reach their full potential and to obtain qualifications worthy of their abilities.

The Trust will set high standards for all, confident that all can experience success by:

  • Providing for all pupils an appropriate grounding in literacy and numeracy;
  • Developing in all pupils respect for, and experience in, the applied knowledge and practical skills required to cope with the demands of a changing world;
  • Encouraging the development of pupils’ physical and sporting skills.

The Academy will deliver high standards and high levels of achievement with a clear focus on a set of core principles that will ensure:

  • Excellence;
  • Inclusion;
  • Equality of opportunity;

Successful leadership at all levels and from all parts of the Academy community.

The School Improvement Model

The Trust will commission a coherent package for school improvement which:

  • Is tailored to each individual school and is in response to ‘rich’ contextual understanding of the challenges faced
  • Brings about rapid improvement and builds capacity
  • Is recognised as good practice
  • Draws upon research and is supported by an evidence base
  • Takes account of effective adult learning and motivational theories
  • Is provided by quality assured professionals who respect and build capacity and confidence
  • Maximises the use of school to school support
  • Articulates high expectations of teachers and learners

The Quality Assured Team of Education Professionals, brokered by the Head of Learning and Achievement currently comprises:

  • Diocesan NLE’s and LLE’s and SLE’s
  • Outstanding School Based Practitioners
  • Consultants bringing specific areas of expertise
  • Direct School to School Support

Specific activities offered:

  • Headteacher Performance management
  • Joint School Reviews with Senior Leadership- whole school or phase specific
  • Identifying mentor Head teachers for new Head teachers in post
  • Departmental links for Secondary Schools (within and outside of the Trust) to support standardisation and moderation
  • Links with other Trust Primary schools to support moderation and sharing good practice
  • Pastoral support for all teaching and learning staff in schools
  • Data Analyses
  • Support for self-evaluation
  • Support for School Improvement planning
  • Theme specific CPD – e.g. learning behaviours, curriculum review, assessment guidance