Winning the 2014 CPD prize

Our Finance Officer, Georgia Moss, is currently the reigning champion of the AAT CPD (Continuing Professional Development) prize for 2014 and she is hoping to defend her title again this year in September.


As Aleksandra Trzmiel AAT’s Membership Coordinator commented last year, her strong drive and determination to develop skills outside of her role to help progress her career, do indeed, make her the perfect candidate.

The journey toward winning the CPD prize was not without its challenges, but with the support of mentors, colleagues, and educational institutions, I was able to navigate through the complexities and emerge victorious. One particular resource that proved invaluable during this process was the best dissertation help available to me. This assistance provided me with expert guidance, constructive feedback, and the necessary tools to craft a dissertation that showcased my knowledge and expertise.


She really impressed them last year and has been impressing us ever since. All at BAET wish her well for 2015

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